Therapies and Massages

“Lymphatic drainage” – manual technique used to drain and clean macro cells and cellular residues that do not enter the vein ( blood) system due to its sizes and that often remain in the body due to a bad lymphatic drainage.

Purpose: relax the body, activate the lymphatic ganglion cells and its work, fighting off infections and stimulating the immune defenses, to promote relief to: heavy legs, tiredness, muscular and joint problems.

“Reflexology” – specific massage technique that pressures certain areas in the feet allowing a gradual recovery of the well-being.

Purpose: to relieve muscular pain, migraines and digestive, allergic, sexual, menopause related, depressions, anxiety problems.

“Oriental head massage” – 3 oriental massage types ( Chinese, Indian, Japanese) combined to carefully work the upper torso, arms, hands, fingers, face, scalp.

Purpose: to induce the state of relaxation, balance and wellness.

“Tui Na” – a therapeutic method which consists in using manual techniques in meridian areas and points of the human body.

Purpose: to preserve health and treat diseases.

“Reiki” – a Japanese therapeutic method which consists in positioning the hands on the patient’s body.

Purpose: to promote the flow of the universal energy ( through the hands) to the main energy points “ chakras”, to reduce the tragic effect of stress, to promote relaxation and well-being.

“Shiatsu” – a therapeutic method which is based in using manual techniques in meridian areas and points of the human body.

Purpose: to preserve health and treat diseases.


Ice Mask – Jean d’Estrées

Skin cleansing / Hidraderm / Liftosome – Guinot

Sensations of lightness, freshness, luminosity and protection at your disposal!


“Relax” – a relaxing treatment of occidental inspiration. Submit your body to and intensive exercise without moving a muscle. A ritual composed of a rhythmic and deep massage with essentials oils of bergamot, rose and lavender, which reduces stress and muscular strain. You can let go and enjoy a 100% relaxing moment.

“Rejoy” – a stimulating treatment of oriental inspiration. Molding with bags of aromatic herbs soaked in heated oil and spices – lavender, rose and camomile. This is an involving ritual which will grant you a wonderful feeling of well-being. Prepare yourself to regain the joy of living.

“Rebirth” – a revitalizing treatment of Arab inspiration. Deeply relaxing and detoxifying, with essential oils of sandal, lemon and bergamot. More than a massage – an experience that stimulates all your Senses. Delight yourself in an immensely perfumed and invigorating ritual!

The rituals described include a facial treatment which is determined according to the specific needs of the client’s skin and to the chosen ritual. Facial therapy can be chosen to purify, nourish, oxygenate, stimulate, and deplete your skin.

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